Wagner sings – (only joking).

Until this year’s X-factor, I only ever knew of Wagner as one of the world’s leading composers and my absolute top favourite.

Unfortunately Wagner is now synonymous with a late middle aged hopeful whose hopes are being artificially prolonged by a crazy facebook campaign designed to “upset” Simon Cowell’s money machine.

First of all, it won’t. Even if Wagner IS the last contestant standing and actually wins, he will get a prize but he won’t have a career. In that situation, the second place contestant WILL win and be promoted – take it from me. While a Christmas number 1 will make Simon more money, he already has loads and a few millions less won’t affect his worldwide income – and he will still win out of X-Factor: everyone who votes for Wagner is adding even more money to Simon’s cash via the telephone lines.

So it’s a Facebook fail. Yes Wagner might have a CD but who on earth – unless it’s his granny – is going to buy it.

These facebook campaigns demonstrate the power of social media and maybe one day the government will be elected by facebook (no, I really am only joking). While it’s great to show how people can mobilise against capitalism if that’s what it is, what the Wagnerites have failed to understand is that by voting for Wagner is that they will be doing a young person (or older person in Mary’s or Matt’s case)  out of a career they would not otherwise have had.

That is the damage that social media can have on people’s lives, along with on-line bullying. Social Media – Great tool. Just a pity that there are some real tools out there using it for less good purposes.



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