January NYRs

My goals for January are:

Be 4kgs lighter by the 31st January 2010

Walk at least 33 miles this month at postman speed (4 miles an hour!)

Achieve our VERY stretching sales target for January. What this really means is we need to do about 54 days worth of work in only 36 days. Internally we’ll be measuring this by the time spent and the sales value achieved. For commercial reasons I wont be divulging the other numbers concerning this goal, I’m sure you’ll understand!

Target achievements by:

8th January

Weight loss? virtually nothing. My obstacles or excuses were simply that we were still partying. Sandro, Jennifer’s boyfriend didn’t go back to Rome till 5th January and as a result we were still eating well.  The lesson simply to be realistic about the time of year.

Sales. We’re back 4 days at work and already things are going well and on target.

Walking – snow and ice. Zero achievement.

15th January

Weight loss? I’m pleased to report a total of 10lbs or 4.5kgs so now achieved. I’m using an Atkins approach to my diet and that’s the main reason for the quick success. The rate of kg drop off will drop-off next week and thereafter so a less stretching target next month. Target for the rest of the month = a further 2 kgs.

Sales target is almost on track. There are a couple of jobs where we can do no more and its down to our customers to fill in the blank spaces.

Walking is at zero. In case anyone hadn’t noticed we’ve had snow that became ice and it made it treacherous to walk anywhere out our way. It’s now almost gone so walking starts tonight which means I need to do almost 2 miles a night to hit my target.

22nd January

Weight loss is still on target – the new target that is, although it’s reached a sort of plateau stage just now. I need to keep going on through this stage and not get disheartened by slower progress

Walking is up to about 4 miles so it looks like this month’s target is now unachievable. Now late night working on Tax Returns etc is impacting this one.

Sales targets though are on track although this final week is going to be something of a nightmare with too much to do and not enough time to fit it all in

31st January

Weight Loss – achieved

Sales target – not achieved. We have one particular (non tax return) case that escaped month end but won’t next month!

Walking for exercise has been an epic fail. For the month I achieved just over 9 miles out of my target of 33 which I thought was an easy target!


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